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Are you a skilled trades business owner looking to retire? At Synergy Life Financial, Darryl Smith specializes in working with business owners who operate in the skilled trades sector. As a blue-collar business owner, you work hard every day to build your company.


Your retirement should be the pinnacle of your years of hard work and dedication to your craft, allowing you to live without the worry of financial stress. When planning for retirement, Darryl takes the time to get to know your individual goals and dreams, so your retirement strategy aligns with the life you want to live.

"Understanding your financial life starts by asking a series of simple questions then drilling down into the important details. I’ve developed a framework to help blue-collar business owners and their spouses understand a process to get from where they are today to Blue Wealth retirement within 10 years.”



Darryl Smith

Have you considered these areas of your retirement?

Retirement looks different for everyone. Whether you’re just starting to plan for it or you’re looking to retire in the near future, the first step to a great retirement begins with answering these questions:

  • ​How do you feel about money?

  • What are your goals?

  • Where do you stand today?

  • What’s your plan to retire within 10 years?

  • How do you track your progress?

The right questions help you get to the heart of what really matters to you. While the important questions, prevent you from being ‘sold a solution’ versus being ‘informed about the possibilities’.

When you work as hard as you do for your money, Darryl works hard to make sure it does the same for you. Get ready to live the retirement you’ve always dreamed of within 10 years using our robust “Blue Wealth” retirement strategy! Want to learn more about how you can turn your business equity into financial freedom? The Blue Wealth program is here to help! Give Darryl Smith a call at 705-434-0562 now to get started.

With the right plan, you can retire within 10 years.

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