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Thinking of selling your business to fund your retirement? Not so fast! Before you put that For Sale sign up, you need a strategic plan. Here are 5 tips for selling a business that all savvy business owners should know:

Today’s world is all about DIY solutions. It seems like you can practically do anything yourself - from home fixes to financial solutions.

Before you fret, let’s take a look at the difference between income and cash flow and what roles each will play in your retirement.

Heading in to retirement should make you feel excited, without a doubt in your mind that you’re about to live your best life! Don’t let financial worry stand in your way. With these considerations during your retirement planning, you’ll set yourself up for success well...

Your retirement should be more than just “life as usual”, but how can you maximize your savings and turn that retirement “nest egg” into your “golden egg” for a financially wealthier retirement?

Owning a family business is a great way to work on something you love, together! As you near retirement, make sure your business & your family are ready for you to exit your role. A business #inheritance plan makes it easy! #retirement #SynergyLifeFinancial

As a business owner, fall is a great time to regroup and set new goals for both the short and long term. Whether you’re new to being self-employment, or you’ve been doing it for decades, it’s always important to assess your overall business model, track your progress,...

Investing in real estate can be very lucrative, and I’m often asked if it’s a good idea to buy investment properties to help build a retirement nest-egg. For p

When you’re young and carefree, your health considerations are often minimal. After all, youth brings with it the luxury of resilience so when you fall off the

One of the greatest challenges facing Canadian students pursuing post-secondary education is the cost. The price tag on any given degree can be well into the t

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10 Tips to Maximize
Blue-Collar Wealth

Tips on business monetization, financial planning, retirement preparedness, and how to simplify work, money and life.

Blue-Collar Business Owner
Educational Podcast Series

Each month I'll add educational podcasts about making smart decisions in your life and blue -collar business. I reflect on work, money and life.

Tips on business monetization, financial planning, retirement preparedness, and how to simplify work, money and life.