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- For Business Owners -

Blue Wealth is the pinnacle of your work, money and, to some degree, your life. It’s when you’ve effectively turned your blue-collar or trades business equity into your retirement dream and/or your family legacy. Ultimately, Blue Wealth is a unique system that helps you achieve a state of financial well-being and allows you to live your best life!

Can you answer these questions?

  • When you’ll be able to retire?

  • Who will run your business?

  • Who will purchase your business?

  • Is your business worth anything?

  • What will you do to keep busy when you retire?

  • What will your retirement cash-flow look like?

is your retirement plan 
within 10 years in the making.


Our goal at Synergy Life Financial is to help you position your business, organize your personal finances and set your life up for your vision of the ideal retirement within 10 years of getting started. By taking the time to lay the groundwork with your financial advisor, we’ll create a plan that, when followed, will allow you to retire comfortably according to your timeline.

As a professional financial advisor, Darryl Smith will work with you to connect and leverage your work, money and life all in one financial plan. He’s developed a robust yet simple financial planning process (called the Blue Wealth Blueprint) that helps you collaborate on how to transition your business in order to build the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.


The Blue Wealth Program helps:

  • Transition your trades career into a sellable business

  • Turns your business equity into personal capital and retirement income

  • Helps you to design your ideal retirement lifestyle.

  • Makes you identify and understand money behaviours that may derail you long-term

  • Pinpoints opportunities to save more, earn more and protect more

  • Develops a Blue Wealth Blueprint so you can track your progress each month towards achieving Blue Wealth retirement within 10 years.

Creating Your Blue

Wealth Blueprint

Understanding your financial life starts by asking a series of simple questions followed by drilling down into the important details. Darryl has developed a framework specific to blue-collar business owners and their spouses. This framework helps Darryl’s clients visualize a process to get from where they are today to Blue Wealth retirement within 10 years.

The right questions help you get to the heart of what really matters to you, and the important questions prevent you from being ‘sold a solution’ versus being ‘informed about the possibilities’.

Answering Your Financial 

Life Questions

The Blue Wealth retirement planning process starts with 5 important questions, then you and your financial advisor will dive deeper into each as you progress through understanding and defining your financial life to build the retirement plan you need to retire in 10 years.

  • How do you feel about money?

  • What are your goals?

  • Where do you stand today?

  • What’s your plan to retire within 10 years?

  • How do you track your progress?

With the right plan, you can retire within 10 years.

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