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The Navigator planning program focuses on understanding your current financial situation and working with you to develop strategies based on your work, money and life goals. In the 7 steps of our Navigator planning program, we consider each of these areas very carefully to build a core plan that is completely tailored to you.


Our navigator program is built to guide you to into a retirement you've always imagined!

1. Discovery

We will discuss and evaluate your current financial situation. In this step, it is necessary for you to complete the Synergy Fact Finder and provide the documents listed within. By completing this simple step, you will give us the “hard data” required for our thorough analysis. We will also provide you with our company disclosure document for your review.

In this step, we will discuss your “present plan” and how it reflects your current cash flow, budget and savings. During this discussion, we will help you establish your goals and determine a projected timeline for accomplishing them.

2. Understanding

Building from Step 2, we analyze your current savings approach and establish highly effective strategies to help you reach your goals. This step is intended to be interactive, and you input is required to help us create a plan that reflects your unique needs, goals and milestones.

3. Economic Modelling

4. Confidence

Building on the work we have done together in the previous steps, we will now start to implement the strategies we have created to enhance your plan. We want to be sure you have a thorough understanding of the products and recommendations for you, so we take the time to provide you with the information you need, as well as explain and review any updates or changes based on new information.

We will keep track of the results of your Navigator planning program through regular reviews. This is to ensure that we attain the highest level of performance possible. At a minimum, we like to have an annual review which can be done by a face-to-face meeting at our office, your home or office, telephone, email, Skype or via web meeting. We are committed to our client’s financial success and will work with you closely throughout this plan.

5. Monitoring

We all experience change throughout our lifetime, and it is important that your plans and strategies remain current. Our plans are designed to be implemented based on your current resources with opportunities for future enhancements.

6. Navigation

Over time, you may experience financial windfalls such as an inheritance, paying off your mortgage, promotions etc. These events provide the opportunity to enhance your financial situation if they are properly integrated into your financial model, especially before temptation arises and the money is gone.
You have the opportunity to decide how much should go towards current needs and long-term planning – it does not have to be an all or nothing situation.

7. Lifetime Growth

Where do I start?

To begin the development of your tailored Navigator planning program, we start by asking a series of 5 simple questions:

1. How do you feel about money?
2. What are your goals?
3. Where do you stand today?
4. What’s your plan to retire within 10 years?
5. How do you track your progress?

The purpose of these questions is to get you thinking about your current financials as they relate to your future. Synergy Life Financial then works with you to dive deeper in to each as we progress through your plan, to help us understand and address your financial goals. Connect with Synergy Life today so we can navigate your exciting financial journey together.

With the right plan, you can retire within 10 years.


If you are you a business owner, there’s an exciting program tailored just for you. Build your savings plan using our Blue Wealth Program.

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