• Darryl Smith

To Lease or To Buy…That Is The Investment Question.


As you look around your workspace, what thoughts come to mind? We bet one of the first things you make note of is the space…or lack thereof. As your business grows, the commercial space that seemed so ample in the beginning has quickly become too small for your needs. Between your tools, equipment, fleet vehicles, work areas, office space and more, it would be nice to have a little breathing room, wouldn’t it? You know you need an upgrade, but what’s the best route? When looking for a new space, there are notable differences between buying commercial property versus leasing it. But, the real question is which is the better investment?

What are the benefits of leasing?

Leasing commercial space is an attractive option for many business owners looking to grow. It allows you to move into a space with limited commitment, which could be just what you need if your company continues to grow rapidly or you find that the location isn’t ideal for your needs. Leasing commercial property also allows you the freedom of running your business without the additional responsibilities that go hand in hand with real estate ownership such as major repairs, building maintenance and more.

If you’re considering a lease, keep these points in min