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When It Comes to Retirement Savings, You Need a Financial Advisor


In a world of full of “do it yourself” options, there seems to be countless ways to save a few bucks by opting away from using professionals. Anything from home renovations to vehicle fixes to restaurant- inspired meals, a few Google searches might provide you all the information you need to accomplish your task. However, when it comes to your retirement savings, should you take the “DIY” route? There are a number of service areas where you should always work with a professional, and working with a financial advisor is one of them. Here’s why:

1.Financial advisors know the market.

It may seem tempting to try your hand at investing that hard-earned money yourself. After all, a friend of a friend did it and they seem to have achieved some notable success, so how hard could it be? Before you invest your money yourself, consider the knowledge a professional financial advisor can offer. They know the markets and can help you find investment & savings options that grow your wealth without running the risk of losing it all based on an uneducated investment choice.

2.The right financial advisor will be your partner in growing your wealth.

When you work with a financial advisor, you’re partnering with a professional that knows you and your goals. Your financial advisor has your best interest at heart and will make decisions with you to grow your wealth that help you achieve those goals.

3.A financial advisor accounts for aspects of your life you may have missed.

When you plan your retirement, you may picture yourself on a beach, working on your hobby or hanging out at the cottage, so you need a retirement plan that accounts for that. If you’ve taken a “DIY” route, you may build a plan with the intention to achieve those goals. However, did your plan account for unexpected or emergency costs such as health care needs as you age? Unpaid debt? Home repairs? Working with a financial advisor can you give a broader financial plan that incorporates your work, money and life goals during your retirement.

Before you take on the task of building your own investment and savings plan, consider the knowledge and insight a professional can offer you. Working with a financial partner helps you build real wealth and gives you peace of mind, because your financial advisor has your back. Darryl Smith of Synergy Life Financial knows the ‘ins & outs’ of retirement planning and creates custom financial strategies to ensure you can enter into retirement with financial freedom. Contact Darryl today at (705) 434-0562 to partner with a financial advisor that helps you achieve the retirement of your dreams!

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