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Investing in Employee Benefits for Your Business


Your people are the backbone of your business, so making sure they are happy and healthy in their role and in their life is vital to your company. Supporting your staff helps them better meet their wellness needs as well as your company’s overall goals. After all, it’s proven that happy employees stick around longer and perform better, so when you support them, they support you right back.

What are employee benefits?

Health and wellness benefits are offered to employees in addition to their regular salary. In this sense, employees receive support above and beyond their typical wage. Benefits generally include, but are not limited to:

• Prescription Drugs • Dental • Vision care • Health & wellness • Pension plans

Benefit packages can range from very basic to extensive depending on what type of support you’d like to offer your employees.

How do they help your business?

An employee who feels supported in their role is much more likely to perform better than one who is not. Similarly, when you offer your employee benefits as part of their position with your company, you prove that you’re invested in them and value their long-term role in your business. Additionally, employees with benefits are much more likely to take a proactive role in their well-being, reducing sick days and time off from work. Who doesn’t want employees that bring their best self to work every day?

In today’s highly competitive market, setting yourself apart from the competition with a supportive environment can make all the difference for your employees and your business. With a well-rounded employee benefit plan for your business, you’re much more likely to retain employees as well as attract highly qualified candidates for your role. Investing in them means a happier, harder working team focused on helping your business grow.

Synergy Life Financial offers a number of different benefits packages that can easily be integrated into your company. With various options available, you’re able to offer your employees benefits that best suit your needs and theirs. It starts with a phone call to Darryl Smith at (705) 434-0662. He will discuss your business needs with you to help find a package that suits you and your staff. Get in touch today and give your employees the best benefit of all, your investment in them!

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