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Looking to hire more staff? Consider the power of employee benefits.

offering employee benefits

Hiring new members for your team is an exciting time for your business! You’re experiencing enough success to require the extra staff, meaning you can grow your business even more. The issue for many business owners is how to attract exceptional candidates to apply for your positions? You know your business stands out from the competitors, you just need to make that known to potential applicants. One easy way to entice those ideal candidates to your job (and retain your already dedicated team) is to offer an employee benefits packages.

The benefits of benefits

As an employer, you already know that your people are the backbone of your business running smoothly. Without your dedicated team, you may not be able to do what you do with such success. Offering benefits to your employees shows them that you value their hard work and you are invested in their good health. Additionally, you set yourself apart from your competitors by providing comprehensive packages that cover your staff’s families as well. So, what are the big benefits of offering employee benefits?

  • Increases your pool of qualified candidates looking for a long-term role and sets you apart from your competitors

  • Improves employee retention because your team is less likely to leave a role with benefits

  • Employees that are more engaged with their health and well-being have lower absentee rates

  • Healthier employees are more likely to bring their “best selves” to work each day

  • Employee satisfaction increases because your team feels taken care of and valued

What benefits can I offer?

As an employer, you can offer your team either traditional health and dental benefits, a health spending account or a combination of the two. It is up to you to decide what package or combination will be of the most value to your team. For some, traditional health and dental benefits are ideal as they have clear guidelines and are easily managed, while for others a health spending account makes the most sense as it offers a lot more flexibility. Whichever package you choose, the investment you make into offering employee benefits is sure to pay back over the long term. You’ll attract better applicants, improve your existing team’s workplace satisfaction and enjoy better productivity overall.

Investing in an employee benefits plan is really one of the easiest things you can do to attract and retain great talent. It also improves your overall company reputation and brand; people like employers who commit to their staff. To learn more about our employee benefits packages, speak with Darryl Smith of Synergy Life Financial today. Just give him a call at (705) 424-0562 and together you can explore the various packages and find the one that suits you, your bottom line and your staff!

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