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10 Tips for Managing your Blue-Collar Business

  1. Avoid distractions thought out your workday. Turn off all notifications for text messages, social media etc. Stop your email from downloading automatically and use time after lunch and breaks to check messages.

  2. Use time blocks for each task, do not allow yourself to be interrupted and focus on getting tasks done within the time allotted.

  3. Do a “brain dump” at the end of every day. Make a list of everything that has to get done, prioritize the 3 most important tasks and get those done first the next day

  4. Create a process for dealing with reoccurring tasks and write it down so others can follow and will stop interrupting your work.

  5. Take a few minutes for yourself each time you complete a major task to re-set yourself to take on the next challenge.

  6. Delegate tasks whenever possible to others to keep your business on track.

  7. Reduce stress by setting customer expectations at the beginning of the project by under promising and over delivering.

  8. Protect your reputation by maintaining a personal high standard of getting things done right and on time.

  9. If you enjoy what you do, it’s never really work.

  10. Don’t forget there’s more to life then work, take time to plan what your ideal retirement will look like.

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