• Darryl Smith

Inspirational Dissatisfaction: Escalate Your Blue-Collar Business

How Inspirational Dissatisfaction can escalate your Blue-Collar Business and your life!

When you have absolutely had enough of the way a problem or crisis keeps coming up in your life “Inspirational Dissatisfaction” will help you fix that problem forever – and find satisfaction.

Somewhere I heard the following statement, “we are where we are in life because that’s where we want to be, and if we are not happy with our situation then it is up to us to make the change”. This “inspirational dissatisfaction” is what will gives us the energy to create the changes that we need to get us back on track and going in the right direction.

A prime example of this would be right before you started your own business. You may have been working for someone else and either they did not respect your efforts or you felt they we