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Inspirational Dissatisfaction: Escalate Your Blue-Collar Business

How Inspirational Dissatisfaction can escalate your Blue-Collar Business and your life!

When you have absolutely had enough of the way a problem or crisis keeps coming up in your life “Inspirational Dissatisfaction” will help you fix that problem forever – and find satisfaction.

Somewhere I heard the following statement, “we are where we are in life because that’s where we want to be, and if we are not happy with our situation then it is up to us to make the change”. This “inspirational dissatisfaction” is what will gives us the energy to create the changes that we need to get us back on track and going in the right direction.

A prime example of this would be right before you started your own business. You may have been working for someone else and either they did not respect your efforts or you felt they were just not doing something the right way and that was the motivation you needed to leave that job and start your own Blue Collar Business.

Even though you no longer work for that employer you can still use “inspirational dissatisfaction” to provide you that powerful motivational force to escalate new and positive change to get you to that next level in your life.

During the course of your workweek your focus is most likely working in your business, just as important you need to allocate time to work on your business to ensure everything is going in the right direction.

We need to take a step back to look at the big picture sometimes and use that information to chart the direction we want to take for our business and our lives.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a straight horizontal line across the middle of the page. This line represents your life.

On the far left side, create a short vertical line and write down the year and your age that you finished school and started working. From that point enter a vertical line going right and enter the following milestones in your life.

  • Year and your age when you started your business

  • Year and your age you got married

  • Year and your age, and the name of each of your children

  • Now draw a vertical line that represents your present age

  • Now draw a new vertical line that marks a 10 year timeframe from your present age to age 90

Now the time from your present age to the time you reach 90 essentially represents the rest of your life and now you get to choose how you want to spend it.

There are no hard and fast rules in life as to what our future will hold for how long we will live or what health we may have. There are many stages in our lives as illustrated by the line you’ve drawn, you need to decide in the time you have left how much of it you want to spend working.

Retirement comes in three phases, active, semi-active and passive. They are not determined by a fixed age, but are controlled by our health. And as you know we have the ability to control our health to a certain degree by diet and exercise however there are many health conditions beyond our control.

The bottom line is this, only you can decide when its time to convert your business assets into personal assets so you can enjoy the lifestyle that proper planning can provide. The active phase of retirement for a lot of us can be 10 years or less, and only you can decide when the date it will begin!

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