Group Benefits

Are you looking for Group Benefit Plan or considering a change to your current Employee Benefit Plan? We can help you.

Every organization is unique. As financial advisors, we have to ensure that you get the most comprehensive solutions to match your unique objectives. Recognizing this crucial element enables us to offer you the best solutions to help you maximize your group benefit dollars.

At Synergy Life, we will thoroughly review your specific needs and goals before developing a plan design that provides efficient coverage and cost containment. We will also match your current plans and/or offer you alternative solutions for your consideration.

In Addition to Traditional Group Benefit Programs we also Offer:

  1. Health Spending Accounts (HSAs)
  2. HSA Enhanced with Prescription Drugs and Emergency Medical
  3. Flexible Benefits Plan

Services we offer to help you get the right plan for your company:

  • Plan Design. We will discuss and analyze the needs and goals of each organization. This will be followed by the creation of appropriate plan formats.
  • Group Benefit Quotations.We’ve established an excellent business partnership and rapport with the top insurance providers in Canada. With that, we can easily provide all types of Group Insurance quotes such as Health Spending Accounts, Flex Benefit, ASO, Fully Insured, and Self-Funded Plans.
  • Group Benefit Plan Analysis. With proper analysis we can uncover ways of reducing costs and improving your overall program, providing you best options when it comes to group benefits and employee benefits.
  • Recommendations. We provide objective recommendations that put the needs of the organization first.
  • Plan Implementation. We offer assistance in administration, staff education and enrollment procedures to get the plan started with the least amount of interruption to your business.
  • Quality Service. Ongoing help is provided to handle concerns, questions, and any important issues related to group benefits and employee benefits, among others.
  • Communications & Training. We also provide staff training, employee orientation and management advisement.